KINCROME Post Hole Digger

KINCROME POST HOLE DIGGER * Direct Drive Power Head, with Butterfly Handles * 1.4 Kw (1.8 HP) * Recoil Starter * High Carbon Tungsten Carbide Coated Steel Tips Specifications: FUEL TANK: 1.2 Litre FUEL/OIL MIX RATIO: 30:1 IDLE SPEED: 2800 RPM ENGINE SPEED: 8500 RPM MAX TORQUE: 2.3 Nm CARBURETOR: Diaphragm Type IGNITION SYSTEM: CDI 3 Augers: * 800 x 100mm Twin Vane * 800 x 150mm Twin Vane with Shock Absorbing Spring * 800 x 200mm Twin Vane with Shock Absorbing Spring * Scratch Resistant Hammer Tone Finish on box * Hasp & Staple Lock on box Includes Handy Heavy Duty Storage Box!

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